OOTF // Artists in the Restaurant from Cecile Davis on Vimeo.

Below is a list of artists who currently have their work which enhances the walls of Out of the Fire.

Sue Stockman
Celebrated artist Susan Stockman exhibits her jewelry, mosaics, and sculpture throughout the United States and her pieces reside in collections worldwide. Her popular classes and workshops encourage personal creativity and growth on many levels.

Sue’s work centers on her beliefs and incorporates found and or recycled materials. Her mosaic murals are in schools as part of Maryland’s Artist in Residence program and in private homes. Her jewelry includes exquisite silver work with natural stones and other materials. For more information please visit www.suestockman.com

Howard Lapp-Howard was an avid sailor and his works reflect the world of boating, the lives of the commercial fishermen and the people and landscapes of New England, the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay and Hawaii.  His paintings have been featured in Yankee and Chesapeake Bay magazines and shown in numerous galleries and exhibitions on the East Coast and Hawaii, including the Gallery at Mystic Seaport where he won an award for excellence in an International Marine Art exhibition.

Irene Aspell- Irene’s job as an organic grower has inspired the series of oil paintings displayed at Out of the Fire.  These paintings portray the interplay of colors, shapes and light on the surroundings where she is fortunate to spend her working days.

Paul Aspell-The series of plates and platters displayed at Out of the Fire represent Paul’s intense interest in surface and the process of making surfaces.  Through the use of several techniques either the clay itself or the glaze applied to it tell the story of its making.  Paul has been making vessels in clay for over 40 years.  Paul currently teaches classes at the Academy Art Museum in Easton.

Ulrika Leander- A local artist who has Contemporary Tapestry Weaving and Gallery by the River in Royal Oak. Ulrika weaves tapestries on a 14 foot loom. She is an internationally renowned tapestry artist. The two tapestries that are displayed are part of the Out of the Fire permanent collection.

Make a trip to the Gallery-you will be in for an extraordinary visual treat! The address of the Gallery is 5592 Poplar Lane Royal Oak, Maryland. 410-745-4303 is the phone number and CTW-TAPESTRY.COM is the website. Click on “Gallery by the River” to see the artists featured.

Barbara Parker– A local artist who’s contemporary banners and one tryptic are displayed. Barbara’s medium is oil. She was the featured artist for the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival and designed a series of banners for this years festival.

Janet Pickett Taylor- She had a show here that ran from April thru July 20th. 60 of her pieces were exhibited. It was the first time in the history of the restaurant that the walls were devoted to one artist. Two of her pieces remain, but unfortunately they are not for sale. Her art will be part of an exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum in Montclair New Jersey titled “Matisse and Me” Original works of Matisse will be exhibited alongside Janet’s art.

Jackie Stork– Although Jackie no longer lives in Easton (she is now in Asheville, North Carolina) her famous cow painting resides here at Out of the Fire. Many have inquired about buying the painting but it is sadly (for those who covet it) part of the permanent collection at Out of the Fire.

Maggii Sarfaty-Maggii has painted home and business interiors for over twenty years. Her work has been published in many national publications. She loves to create fantasy rooms for children and young adults. You can fine examples of her work on her facebook page www.facebook.com/maggiisarfatydecorativepainting/

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